Thursday, October 25, 2007

Steny Hoyer, Incompetent

Via Correntwire we learn, incredibly, that the office of the House Democratic Majority Leader does not know who Atrios is and is unaware of one of the leading liberal media outlets:

Welcome, Eschatonians, and thanks to Lord Atrios for the link. I called up Hoyer’s office, and courteously informed the young staffer about the link. And you know what? They didn’t know who Atrios was.
Look, I don't proclaim some egomaniacal exceptionalism for Atrios (nor would he) that expects all the world to know about his blog, but one would think that the leadership office of a major political party would at least be aware of who has a significant media megaphone within his own party and in the political world generally. How are we ever going to counteract the right wing noise machine when our leaders don’t even know who the key new liberal media outlets are, let alone have a strategy for using them effectively. Can you imagine anyone in John Boehner’s office not knowing who Assrocket and Powerline is?

The sheer incompetence of Steny Hoyer and our leadership is breathtaking…

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